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Drink to Healing,

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Drink to Healing is about Quality of Life & Longevity, along with bringing Awareness of how to easily achieve it.....


Water truly is precious and should be the first source of our knowledge base when looking towards a better Quality of Life, and Healing.  It's the Foundation to all Life, a Consciousness enveloping the Emotional, Energetic, Physical, and Spiritual State of the Body/Mind, and it's Energy Force which helps conductivity throughout the Main Circuit of the Body, (it's Spine), to transport information, nutrients & minerals, through the Body and Brain.

Drink To Healing's purpose is to help clarify and bring Awareness to what systems and changes can be made to deliver a better Quality of Life, including the choices we make in our Beverages, Food and Household Products.  And, more.

We've learned that our skin is our largest Organ of the body, however, then it's evident that we should also avoid swimming in pools with chemicals, and or using products on our skin that we would never want to Eat.  


With this being said, household products that clean floors, dishes, clothes, windows, wax cars, and clean toilets or glue things together, all have toxicities and dangers, and at one point in our lives have touched our skin and or were inhaled.  


How many people do you know today that use natural products, inwhich are very inexpensive and safe for our Planet?  Such as cleaning with Vinegar, and/or Food Grade Peroxide?  Also, being Eco-Friendly utilizing used news papers for cleaning windows & mirrors, recycling, and avoiding plastics and other toxic products that pollute our planet and are NOT bio-degradable? Did you know that plastic bags take over 500,000 years to break down, and then yet, still are toxic and with this pollution, it's destroying our eco-system?


It truly is a better way of life to not support the chemical and other companies that create the very toxicity in the world and our body/mind that enhances Dis-Ease, and avoid Processed Foods & GMO's, MSG, Food Dyes, Artificial Sweeteners, and other Toxins used in processed foods, and in products, and cosmetics.

With the fast-paced world we've been indoctrinated into, you may find it difficult to grow your own food, and/or make up your three meals at home from Organic Greens, and Safe Fish, Poultry & Meats - .... however, working together to help bring less toxins and electro-magnetic smog into our Homes will help Quality in Life at the Foundation of what really matters - our Health and Wellbeing.  FREEDOM.






We currently live in the largest industrialize Era of Toxicity ever in history and this puts a huge toxic burden on the one part of the body that works day and night to filter all the toxins out - the LIVER.   When our Liver is stressed, it places a large burden on the rest of our body, taxing the Kidneys by default, and throughout the rest of the body.  Eventually leading to Dis-Ease, and worst.


Working together to help each other build Awareness of 'What' leads to dis-ease (and Cancer), and become Eco-Friendly, is the Beginning of the Journey to Health and Healing ~ 

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