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and the Foundation to Health, and Life




Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author, researcher and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water ~ 

There are other researchers that believe that Water IS Consciousness.

As per the movie TAPPED, Americans buy 29 billion of single serve bottles of water every year!  


Plastic takes over 500,000 years to break down, and break down to what, more toxicity?  And, since most bottled water is trucked from state to state, some in very hot conditions, they end up looking refreshingly pleasing in coolers in the convenience and grocery stores, though we can only IMAGINE how many of those toxic chemicals seeped into these beautiful bottled waters.  Not to mention, there is very little regulation over the bottled water industry, and so to know for sure the SOURCE of the water, is not very clear in many instances.

Is BOTTLED WATER truly the answer to Health & Healing?  If so, then why are people MORE thirsty (DEHYDRATED) today, than ever?  Back before massive pain, dis-ease and cancer plaguing our country, people never carried water with them, nor had it sitting next to them everywhere they were and in single servings in almost every store and business.  Could it possibly be that this water that is filtered by Reverse Osmosis, is truly DEAD water, delivering very little of what our Body thrives for?  It strips all the Life and Minerals out of the water, leaving our body constantly deficient of what it truly needs to survive, and keeps us thirsty.  Click here to read what R/O filtration systems were designed for and what they take out >   R/O



Do Minerals & Living Structured Water = Consciousness? a Video that talks about discoveries

of Water & Consciousness, and new Discoveries:is very interesting and can be seen by clicking here:

We have hundreds of thousands of feet of pipping throughout our cities with water running through it to

our homes and businesses from water companies of which some use reverse osmosis for filtration, however, also, dump many chemicals into the water, including Fluoride and Chloramines (Chloramines = when ammonia is added to chlorine for longer disinfection when water is running thru the pipelines).  How clean or safe is this piping?  What does it do to our water by the time it reaches our faucet?  Does it even change the natural 'spin' of the water?  We Bathe in, Swim, Cook and Drink this water - and since we're over 75% water, and our Skin is our largest Organ, we're certainly obtaining a lot of water, though is the water safe? And, after you drink water of reverse osmosis filtration, are you still thirsty?  This could be because we're drinking 'dead' water.

However, drinking water thru a machine that just electrocutes the water to artificially raise the PH to high levels with just one or two filters, is not necessarily a good filtration system for the heavy toxic contaminants, nor does it structure the water or add necessary Hydrogen back into the water, and certainly may not be what our body needs to fulfill the hydration necessary for Life.  And, though many have seen significant health benefits from these machines, it can be due to the high energy it creates in the water, thus flushing out some free radicals.  Though now that our water systems, including well water (from Fracking, Waste, Pesticides, etc), are polluted more than ever, the need to Strip the water the best we can is evident; and then find a way to re-structure the water and add back in the Minerals.  Most R/O filtration systems claim to take out most of the contaminants, of approximately 93-97%.  When it comes to searching for the Best R/O Filtration system (they're not all alike), it good to do your research for the most efficiently run R/O from a manufacturer of great history in their products, and their Filters, and that takes out the most of the contaminants.   Contact us for more information on some of our recommendations for your R/O Filtration needs.

RESTRUCTURING THE WATER after Reverse Osmosis:

How do we resuscitate the water now that we killed it by and through Reverse Osmosis?

How can we duplicate the Earth's natural process that water evolves through, such as when going thru a natural distillation process from the heavens to flowing down the mountains over rocks and gravel and into running streams, and back up to the Heavens?  Can sending Love and Happiness to our water change it's structure for the better as per Dr. Emoto and many others that see water as Consciousness, a Living Water that holds much more than just Hydration for us and our Earth.  How do our thoughts change water, and/or life around us, and in our inner landscape down to the very cells of our body, and to a Quantum level?  If water is Consciousness, then, how can we create a better structure of water after the R/O filtration process?  As it's obvious, this restructuring is most important after R/O Filtration.


In the Consciousness of Water, we've learned that it has Memory of Trauma, Chemicals, Pollutants, Pharmaceutical & Street Drugs, Glysophate, Fluoride, Hormones, and other toxins, along with Environmental trauma and issues it has existed in and was surrounded by.

Since we are over 75% water, and Water is in almost everything that we use and consume, it's important to realize that water may be one of the most important items in our Life as it holds more space in this planet than anything!


Some have a belief that if you send Love to the Water (or just say, I Love You) it restructures it and aids in healing in our Body/Mind; and to also hold our hands around a glass of water for 45 seconds prior to consuming, to change the 'Spin' of it molecularly, hence re-Structuring the water to a better and healthier consciousness, is also known to be beneficial.  And, of course, prayer. Many believe it is the source to preventive means, for health and healing.  If you believe it, then it has to BE.


There is a lot to learn about Water, Consciousness, Trauma, & Toxicity, the Mind, including the Quantum Theories associated with it all, and the thoughts of the Earth, Universe and all Life being a Simulation, and/or a Hologram, as we're still just barely touching the truth of existence and what creates change, healing, and well-being.


Once all the material and emotional things are eliminated from the mind's control, and we experience Pure Awareness throughout our days, we may then deliver a place of Harmony & Love in this Reality..... and hopefully soon to deliver us away from the Physical pain and suffering we see and feel in this World. While you're reading these words, there are people suffering, starving, and have little to NO Water to drink or bathe in.




With the intent of this website to bring Conscious Awareness into Pure Awareness within each thought and action, we are all helping deliver Solutions of Preventive Resources and Healing, and assisting our Journey 'together' as the Force of Nature intended, unfolding into not what we Want, however, what we truly Need.




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